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Financial Assistance

Paying for your Care

Insurance Plans:

Women’s Health Services accepts many health insurance carriers and participates in their networks. Many patients have insurance that covers the health services they receive at Women’s Health Services – check with your health plan to make sure our providers are considered network providers so you will not be responsible for additional charges. Make sure you know the copays & deductibles that may apply to your health plan coverage and if they apply to the services you are planning to receive.

Women’s Health Services Staff Can Help:

We offer various financial assistance programs for patients who may need assistance to meet the costs of health care services. Financial assistance requires a photo ID, Social Security card, proof of income from the past 30 days, completion of the application, and some programs require proof of citizenship. Several options are available:

  • Health Insurance Marketplace – Women’s Health Services staff are certified to help patients enroll in coverage through the marketplace. With the Affordable Care Act, many patients are eligible for Medicaid coverage through the marketplace or are eligible for insurance plans and subsidies to help cover the cost of their monthly premiums. As Certified Application Counselors, Women’s Health Services staff are qualified to help with this process. Ask us and we will help you get covered.
  • Medicaid – if you need health insurance to cover the health care expenses for prenatal care and delivery or basic health care we will see if you are eligible and help you get signed up for Medicaid coverage.
  • Iowa Family Planning Network – limited to family planning services only. It is available to Iowa patients without insurance and even those that have insurance coverage based on income.
  • Iowa Breast & Cervical Cancer / WISEWOMAN Program – coverage for annual exams, PAP, and mammograms if you qualify. Certain breast and cervical cancer issues may be covered.
  • Illinois Breast & Cervical Cancer Program & WISEWOMAN Program: Stephenson County Illinois.
  • Title X family planning services are covered by a sliding fee schedule based on proof of income if patients do not qualify for other financial assistance programs.

Payment Policy:

It is important that you bring your current insurance card with you to all appointments. Women’s Health Services works with most major insurance carriers, but not all plans cover all services. If you have questions about what’s covered under your plan and what’s not, simply call your health insurance carrier before your visit. We thank you for paying any co-pays or non-covered charges at the time of service. If you have any questions, please contact our billing department at 563-243-1413.


We accept cash, checks, debit cards, and credit cards as payment for any services not covered by your insurance, for balances due, co-payments and deductibles. You can access your account statement online. Coming soon you can make payments online through the patient portal.