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Health Education & Community Outreach

Women’s Health Services delivers over 300 community presentations each year. Women’s Health Services annually reaches 8,000 students and community members.

Women’s Health Services provides education programs to youth and adults in Clinton, Jackson, and Cedar Counties. Our key focus is on sexual education, giving youth the tools they need to build their self-esteem, develop healthy relationships, and prevent risky behaviors such as early sexual activity. Many programs are offered at the middle, high school and colleges; some begin at the elementary level. Within the community programs are tailored to meet the specific agency or community’s needs. Programs are offered through a one-time presentation, a weekly program, and up to a year’s length. In addition to school based programming, our presentations and programs can be at local churches and organizations.

To schedule a program or learn more, please contact our Health Educator at 563-243-1413.


  • Abstinence and refusal skills
  • Relationships / dating violence prevention
  • Setting goals
  • Sexually transmitted diseases
  • HIV/AIDs education & discussion
  • Teen pregnancy prevention
  • Parental skills / maturity issues
  • Available health care services and supplies

Wise Guys:

Wise Guys is a 12 week evidence-based sexuality education program for male youth, ages 11-18; designed to prevent unplanned pregnancy by helping males make better, wiser decisions about sexuality, build respect for themselves & others, helping them to understand the importance of male responsibility, and improve their communication with parents, educators, peers, and others.

I learned how not to be selfish, respect myself, and take responsibility for my actions.
Iowa teen

Teen Success:

Teen Success is a high school teen girl program; meets weekly or once every other week; focus is to keep girls on track with high school graduation, prevent unplanned pregnancies, build healthy relationships with peers and adults, and provide encouragement to reach their goals.

The overall experience of teen success for the two years I was involved was amazing.
Clinton teen

Draw the Line Respect the Line:

Evidence-based, hands-on program; 6th – 8th grade; focus is to help students develop personal sexual limits and practice refusal skills needed to maintain those limits when challenged. Youth do role-playing in order to practice their refusal skills.

Talking to Youth about Risky Behaviors:

One session presentations focus on preventing early sexual activity; available for organizations, churches, or other adult groups; tips on how to have this important, on-going conversation with youth; materials on discussing risky behaviors with youth are available with the presentation.

Darkness to Light/Stewards of Children:

Evidence based training for adults to prevent, recognize, and respond to child sexual abuse; 2 hour session with workbook materials.

Additional Topics:

One time presentations can focus on puberty and hygiene, abstinence, other birth control methods, STDs, healthy relationships, decision making and goal setting, and the changes that can happen in ones daily routine once they are a teen parent.

Women’s Health Services educational and marketing materials are approved by a committee of community representatives.