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Prenatal, Delivery, & Post-partum Care:

Compassionate care is provided to all patients and families when you decide to start a family or grow your family. We know you will have questions and Women’s Health Services provides answers. We offer personalized one-on-one attention, prenatal resources and ensure you know of additional community resources to help you during your pregnancy and after you have your baby. The goal is to have you enjoy a happy and healthy pregnancy, labor and delivery.

Women’s Health Services provides on-site prenatal care through our educated and trained Women’s Health NP and through obstetricians.

Pregnancy / Obstetrical Care:

  • Prenatal exams / screening
  • Prenatal counseling and education
  • Nutritional counseling
  • Breast feeding education / support
  • First Trimester Screening
  • Ultrasound (on-site)
  • WIC Program referrals (Women Infant Children)
  • Non-stress testing
  • Vaginal Deliveries
  • Cesarean Deliveries
  • Multiple Births
  • Postpartum care

Prenatal Care:

Regular visits to Women’s Health Services during your pregnancy is very important. Seeing a health care provider regularly offers consistent care to see how you and your baby are doing. Constant care can help to keep you and your baby healthy, notice any problems, and plan your delivery to prevent difficulties.

Make sure you get all your questions answered during this important time. Partner with your provider by managing your health care and keeping all your appointments.

On-site Ultrasound:

All exams are performed by an ultrasound technician. The sex of the baby can be determined at the 20-22 week screening exam if desired and with the baby’s cooperation.

Appointment scheduling:

  • 6-10 weeks: appointment for your medical and pregnancy history, and bloodwork
  • 12-14 weeks; first complete exam (usually heartbeat can be heard at this appointment)
  • 12-30 weeks; appointments every 4-5 weeks
  • 20-22 weeks; routine screening ultrasound will normally be scheduled
  • 30-36 weeks; appointments every 2 weeks
  • 36- birth (about 40 weeks); appointments every week

Deliveries by obstetricians are performed at Mercy Medical Center, Clinton, IA